Mono Lake and Fogbow photo

Tufas and Fogbow

Mono Lake and Mountains photo

Lake and Sierra Mountains

Fogbow Over Mono Lake photo

Fogbow Over Mono Lake

Mono Lake Tufas picture

Mono Lake Tufas

Tufas and Fogbow photo

Fogbow on Tufas

Mono Lake Formations image

Mono Lake Formations

Mono Lake photo

End of the Fogbow

Wizard Island photo

Mono Lake in Fog

Tufas and Mountains photo

Tufas and Mountains

South Shore View

South Shore View

Mono Lake Fogbow photo

Full Fogbow

Eery Mono Lake picture

Foggy View

Mono Lake Photos

On this page you may purchase Mono Lake photos by scenic and nature photographer Lee Reeder. These photographs include pictures from Mono Lake in winter that include tufas, Eastern Sierra mountains and fogbows. Order Mono Lake photo prints online using a debit card, credit card or Paypal. For special orders, call Lee Reeder at 909-486-7274.